Welcome to Croaker Woods,
Just this side of

Williamsburg, Virginia

This is our house in the woods of Croaker with the lovely and talented Emma the Wonder Dog in the foreground. Emma died on February 8, 2002. She was a member of our family for over 14 years and will be missed. We now have a German shepherd dog named Abbey, born on August 31, 2012. Frisky and knucklehead are two words we use often to refer to her :)



Besides doll clothes, I make kitchen accessories, clothing for kids, craft sewing, and other things that you may or may not expect. Lots of Halloween items for sale on and off line. You can see some of my sewn items here at the “Stuff I’ve Made” link. Items currently for sale online at eBay can be found here. Our Etsy items can be seen here.


When available, you can find these items here. If you have something specific you need, you can contact Richard through eBay.

http://croakerwoods.com/Ronjohn.jpgWe happen to have the three most gifted children on the planet - Ronnie, Tom, and Allison .They are 36, 30, and 30, respectively. (Yes! They are twins. No! They don't look a thing alike.) Ronnie makes his home in Baltimore. He attended the University of Maryland and now works as a middle school teacher after giving up banking. Tom is an accountant at Busch Gardens after graduating from Christopher Newport University. Allison is a graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University and is back at graduate school. She has worked with the Busch Entertainment Group and The Pixel Factory, as well as playing with her group, Hot Lava.

ScrapStitching.com, sewing with an eye towards reduce, reuse, recycle.

TheSewingDictionary.com, sister site to ScrapStitching.com.

CreepyDollHeads.com, just a goofy thing I do.

Where we're from and where we are. Newspapers, weather, nostalgia.

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